Gurdwara Satkartarian


Manager Contact Number: 01871-227494, 226450

Address: Batala, Gurdaspur, Punjab, India

Batala is the eighth largest city in the state of Punjab. Batala is a municipal council in Gurdaspur District.

The city was founded in 1465 CE by Raja Ram Deo, a Bhati Rajput, during the reign of Bahlul Lodi on a piece of land given by Tatar Khan who was the Governor of Lahore. Later, during the mughal rule, Akbar gave it in jagir to his foster brother, Shamsher Khan.

The city grew and developed under Shamsher Khan. The whole city was within a large fort. It had 12 entrance gates which are still known by their old names, e.g. Sheran Wala Gate, Khajuri Gate, Bhandari Gate, Ohri Gate, Thathiari Gate, Hathi Gate, Pahari Gate, etc. Some of them still survive although their condition is in need of attention.

In 1947, at the time of India's partition, Batala was included in Pakistan. But later Indian leaders realized that in this way the nearby major city of Amritsar would be surrounded by Pakistan on two sides. To avoid this danger to Amritsar, Batala was negotiated back to India from the British. For a total of 3 days, Batala was part of Pakistan, then added to Indian territory. During the political integration of India, Batala was included in the Punjab state.