Gurdwara Sahib Patshahi Novi (9th Guru)


Manager Contact Number: 01679-286570

Address: 9J5J+M2V, Barnala, Punjab 148024

Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji encamped on a high mound about 1.5 km to the west of the village where Gurdwara Sahib Patshahi Nauvin now stands. In those days there were 22 villages around Sekha and were inhabited by peasants of Javandas clan and they were followers of a bairagi ascetic named Durga Das. Both Durga Das and Chaudhari Tarloka ignored Guru Ji and his Sikhs. However another person who had married a Javanda girl and had settled at Sekha, served Guru Ji with full respect and devotion. Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji blessed him and advised him to go back to his native village Doaba as in Sekha the pride of Javandas could be the cause of their ruin. Guru Ji resumed his journey the following day. When Chaudari Tarloka came to know about this curse he realized his mistake and sought Guru ji’s pardon for his insolence, through his sister at village Kattu where Guru Ji had subsequently stayed. Besides every month program on Amavasya, during the winter season a big fair is held where large numbers of people gather.