Gurdwara Gurusar Manji Sahib, Patshahi Shevi (6th Guru)


Manager Contact Number: 0161-2865197

Address: Gurudwara Shri Gurusar Sahib Paatshahi 6th, PQPC+2F7, Ludhiana, Punjab 141203

Gurdwara Sri Gurusar Manji Sahib Gujjarwal is also known as Gurdwara Gurusar Manji Sahib Patshahi Chevin.

In 1631, Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji visited Gujjarwal during his tour of the Malwa region. Guru Hargobind camped near a pool of water. Chaudhry Phatuhi, the head of the village, treated Guru Hargobind with respect but soon became proud of his service.

The Chaudhry came to Guru Hargobind with his servants and a hawk on his hand. The Chaudhry repeatedly asked Guru Hargobind if there was anything else he could provide.

Guru Hargobind asked the Chaudhry to give his hawk but the Chaudhry was proudly attached to his hawk and did not want to give it up.

When Chaudhry returned home, his hawk had fallen sick by eating a thong. When no medication worked, the Chaudhry begged Guru Hargobind to help save his hawk.

Guru Hargobind patted the hawk after which it vomited the thong and became healthy again. As Guru Hargobind had saved the hawk, the Chaudhry asked Guru Ji to keep the hawk. Guru Hargobind guided the Chaudhry to control his ego and pride and asked the Chaudhry to keep the bird.

It is said that Guru Hargobind blessed Chaudhry with a dastar, which has been preserved by the descendants of the Chaudhry.