Gurdwara Dharamshala


Manager Contact Number: 0161-2814450

Address: RVW7+P5C, Brahman Majra, Gill, Punjab 141116

Gill Pind (village) is situated on Ludhiana to Maler Kotla Road. This village is in the south of Ludhiana. Approximately 1/4 area of Ludhiana is situated in Gill village land. The village has an area of 1,501 hectares (5.80 sq mi). The village has its own post office and railway station. This village is situated in Ludhiana-I block and Ludhiana West tehsil. It is just 8 km (5.0 mi) from the center of Ludhiana city. Gill Assembly (Halka Gill) is also named on Gill village.