Gurdwara  Bagh Shaheeda


Manager Contact Number: 0172-2740795, 2747974

Address: Shahidi Gurduwara Sahib, Sector 44 A, Sector 44, Chandigarh, 160047

This event was held on 16th December 2019 at Gurudwara Bagh shaheedan sector 44 chandigarh. this event was organised by the management committee of Gurudwara on the occasion of “sangrand” . “Sangrand” is the starting of new month according to Gurbani it is also called “desi mahina”and “poh” mahina has been started this sangrand according to nanakshaahi calander. It was 2 hymns were sung in this event . The first hymn was “saajan tere charano ki hoye raha sadh dhoodh” and it was recited by fifth guru “dhan shri Guru Arjan Dev ji” and it was composed in the raag “madhukauns” and the second hymn was “kaali Koyal tu kitt gunn kaali” this was recited by baba farid ji. Gurudwara Bagh shaheedan is basically built in the memories of the Martyrs. at this place battle took place between Singh’s and and the Mughals in 1769 AD . This Gurudwara was built in the early 1900s .