Gurdwara Baba Jassa Singh Ji


Manager Contact Number: 01635-501036

Address: 29, Wan, Punjab 143415

The real name of Baba Jassa Singh Ji was Bibi Jas Kaur who was born in Dhanaula of Barnala district. Her meditation and serving the holy saints right from the beginning was not liked by the family of in-laws. Consequently, she was abondoned by the in-laws family. Seeing this sensitive and odd situation of Bibi Jas Kaur, her father dedicated her to the devotional services of Baba Hardit Singh at Tapiana Sahib. Baba Ji accepted her devotion after austere tests and adored her with male garments and named her Jassa Singh. Baba Nand Singh Ji who was the nephew of Baba Hardit Singh was born to mother Ram Ratto and father Deva Singh at Lohakhere village. The Dera of Baba Ram Dass imparted Gurbani lessons to Baba Nand Singh that proved so inspiring that he determined to spend his whole life in meditation and sought the shelter of Baba Hardit Singh for spiritual awakening.

The grace and grandeur of Baba Hardit Singh Ji had spread in the whole region. Maharaja Hira Singh of Nabha felt influenced by him and pleaded him to grace the land of Nabha. The entreaty of Maharja Hira Singh was accepted and Baba Hardit Singh along with Baba Jassa Singh and Baba Nand Singh stayed at his place to impart it grace. This place is now tastefully accomplished and known as Gurudwara Tibbi Sahib. Attracted by the magnetic influence, Maharaja Rajinder Singh of Patiala also entreated the gracious saint to visit Patiala and shower his blessings. Babi Ji observed Maharaja’s deep faith and accepted his request and the so called Dera Baba Jassa Singh was their abode of rest, Baba Hardit Singh Ji was immensely happy to see the meditation and selfless service of Baba Jassa Singh forcing him to shower his divine blessings on Baba Jassa Singh by declaring that his place will be well known by Baba Jassa Singh’s name. After Baba Hardit Singh’s body mingling with the Almighty God, this dera was maintained by Baba Jassa Singh Ji and afterwards by Baba Nand Singh Ji. It was during the life time of Baba Nand Singh Ji that he dedicated his selfless services to a well known Sewa Panthi and Scholar Baba Gurmukh Singh Ji.