Gurdwara Achal Sahib


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Address: Q68M+X5G, Gurdaspur, Acchal, Punjab 143505

Gurdwara Sri Achal Sahib stands on the spot where Guru Nanak had discussions with Yogi Bhangar Nath.

When Guru Nanak Sahib Ji arrived at Acchal the shivratri festival (organised by siddh yogis who stayed there) was taking place.

As soon as Guru Nanak reached people rushed to have a glimpse of Guru Ji and touched his feet. This created jealousy in the hearts of yogis as people paid much attention to the Guru and ignored them outright.

This was too much for yogis to tolerate. Feeling that Guru Nanak was an intruder to their sacred place to win over their disciples, their leader Bhangar Nath had a bitter debate with Guru Ji. Guru Nanak told the yogi that he was a hypocrite. Though outwardly he had renounced the world being a recluse, he would go to the houses of the worldly people to beg for food.

Guru Nanak questioned, "In what way are you superior to those who you beg your daily meal from? What do you give them in return?" Instead of responding, the yogi tried to show his black magic skills. However, around Guru Nanak the magic tricks did not work.

The yogis realised that a superior power had taken the wind out of their sails. The yogis fell at Guru Ji's feet. yogi came to Nanak, calm and bewildered. Guru told him that all these magic tricks would be insignificant compared to the love and grace of God.

Guru Nanak asked people to remember and recite the name of the God. Guru Ji planted a Datan (a twig of a kikkar tree) at this place. People said that it is a thorny tree. Guru Ji asked ,"Which tree do you want?" People said, "We want some fruit tree". Guru Ji said, "It will grow into a beri tree and would bear fruits round the year". That tree is present inside the Gurdwara complex.